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Sims 2 keeps crashing?? (windows 8 computer)?
12-20-2012, 05:38 AM
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Sims 2 keeps crashing?? (windows 8 computer)?
Hi I just got a new laptop a few days ago. It's an ASUS computer and it's windows 8. I just installed all of my sims 2 games on here (basic, pets, nightlife, and seasons). and I also spent countless hours downloading all of the custom content that I had on my old computer (please don't recommend playing it on my old computer, as my dad wiped the memory off of it and it's a 6 year old computer that cant run crap). every time I get into create a family mode, the game shuts down and an error message pops up. ive tried several times going back into the game and the outcome is always the same. Is there a patch I can download to fix this problem? I really don't want to even consider redownloading all of the discs again..


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12-20-2012, 05:46 AM
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It's probably not your computer, Most computers should be more than enough to play it. The only thing I can think of is broken custom content. Since it crashes when you are creating a family it is probably a broken clothing item. You could try the little by little method by taking out mods and testing the game.

I haven't play TS2 in awhile but you could -

* Take out all mods test to see if it crashes in Create a family.

* If it works put in a couple mods and test if they work.

* sooner or later if you have broken content you'll be able to narrow it down to the package file

Also, sometimes an incompatible mod for another expansion or a TS3 file could get mixed in, be careful of this.
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