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Why is my WIFI's signal so varying full day ?
12-17-2012, 10:17 AM
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Why is my WIFI's signal so varying full day ?
I have a TP-LINK 150MBPS WiFi Router with 1MBPS LAN Connection.

My WiFi router is placed in the center of my house. but it does not show any signal in my hall which is 2 rooms away. But sometimes in the morning or any time of the day there is signal in the hall. Then it goes away in few minutes. The house has everything fixed. I mean all things are always kept where they are.
Also there are only 3 routers in my area so signal mix up cannot be a problem.

1. Tell me why this happens
2. Tell me how to get full signal in hall
3. What is a WIFI Extender ? If I keep it in kitchen where there is enough signal, will that extend the signal upto the hall keeping the speed intact ?


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12-17-2012, 10:25 AM
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A wireless N should reach 20 meter radius. As to why, there 3 major reasons for this to happen.

The wifi router is too weak or faulty
The signal is absorbed / reflected / interfered
The receiver only works with a strong signal or only b or g

So far you tested the obvious. Concrete with rebar absorbs a lot, wood and nails hardly anything. Cordless telephones, microwaves and other wifi's interfere. If the routers in your area are using the same channel then interference will be an issue. Use netstumbler to find out strength and channels used.

I would not go for extender just yet ( an extender picks up a weak signal and boosts it).

If you tp llink can handle a stronger antenna that may be a good solution too. Currently there are 5 150 Mbps N wifi routers, not all accept an external antenna.

The most likely is your TP link. I would go to a store get myself one that I can return without questions asked. Any wireless N router is good (300 has more bandwidth than 150), try another brand if you feel uncomfortable with TP link and try it out.
If it solves your problem, great, if it doesn't, try a different receiver.
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