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How to transference my Sony ericsson vivas contacts to my iPad?
10-31-2012, 07:04 AM
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How to transference my Sony ericsson vivas contacts to my iPad?
I need to transferee my contacts from my mobile Sony Ericsson vivas to my iPad so as to use the viber to call them


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10-31-2012, 07:12 AM
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Best way is to sync your contacts from your Vivaz to outlook, then sync Outlook back to your ipad. When it comes to syncing to Outlook you could use Sony Ericsson PC Companion, but I would suggest MyPhone Explorer. Its a great program and its free and it will allow you to sync not only to Outlook but most email clients (i.e Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows contact etc).

click on this link for MyPhone Explore

To Sync to MyPhone Explore its as easy as....

download, install, click on file settings>connection> Sony Ericsson Modeminterface. then connect your phone with the USB (DCU 65 cable) or with bluetooth

then click File>Connect

To Sync back to you ipad follow these steps

➊ Connect your iPad to your computer and click its icon when it shows up in iTunes’ Source list. (If you use Outlook or Outlook Express, launch that now, too.)

âž‹ In the main part of the iTunes window, click the Info tab.

➌ Windows owners: Turn on the checkbox next to “Sync contacts from” and then use the drop-down menu to choose the program whose contacts you want to copy. Mac owners: turn on the “Sync Address Book contacts” checkbox. If you want to sync contact groups, select them from the “Selected groups” box. You can also choose to import the photos in your contacts files.

➍ Click the Apply button in the lower-right corner of the iTunes window.

The iPad updates itself with the contact information stored in your address book. If you add new contacts while you have your iPad plugged in, choose File’Update iPad or click the Sync button in iTunes to manually move the new data over to your tablet.

To look up a pal on the iPad, tap the Home screen’s Contacts icon. Use the Search box or, on the Contacts list, flick to the person on the left side of the screen; take a shortcut by tapping the letter tab on the outer edge. Tap the name to see the person’s details. Here are some of things you can do now:

Change the information. Need to update an address or change a phone number? Tap the Edit button at the bottom of the contact screen.

My knowledge is based more around the Vivaz not the ipad as I work in the mobile industry, but I hope this helps.
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