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how to remove virus Win32:Agent-OJW & LNK??
05-30-2014, 10:52 AM
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how to remove virus Win32:Agent-OJW & LNK??
on my computer, i use avast (free edition) and it found a Win32:Agent-OJW[Trj] which i moved to the chest, and another Win32:Agent-LNK[Wrm] which i deleted.
however, my computer is still much slower than it was before and i have ran the scan over and over again but no virus/worm/trojan horse is found anymore...
how do i remove a virus/worm/trojan horse that i cannot find (but know it's still doing damage to my computer)


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05-30-2014, 11:08 AM
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No antivirus or antispyware protection is perfect, not even the expensive ones but a good mixture will help you clean your system and hopefully keep it clean. It is advisable not to run two or more anti virus applications.

For starters, download, update and run a full scan using the following product:
SuperAntiSpyware is exceptional and will remove the majority of difficult Trojans and Worms, not just the easy ones.
If possible it is recommended that you load the application in normal mode but run it in Safe Mode. Safe Mode can be started by continually pressing F8 during the boot sequence. However, if you are badly infected you might need to run SuperAntiSpyware more than once to help clean your system. If the only infections now being shown are in System Restore, once you are completely satisfied that you can boot normally, you can either delete the infected restore points manually, or temporarily turn off System Restore.

Next to get a grip of any snippets still left behind download & run SpyWareTerminator

In addition download, update & run Avira. Unlike a lot of the free antivirus applications this will give you real time protection and is very quick to load at boot up.

Assuming you have some real awkward infections and the suggestions above failed to totally clean your system I suggest you download a Smitfraud removal program from:
Again if possible run in Safe Mode.
And VundoFix:

Be advised that some infections will corrupt or disable your resident security products so for completeness I have listed a couple of online scans that may help you get started:
Panda -
Trend -

Good luck & safe surfing.

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05-30-2014, 11:23 AM
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Try most up-to-date GarbageClean online scanner


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05-30-2014, 11:26 AM
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Ad Aware, Spy bot - search and destroy,Spy ware Doctor are some good spy ware removers. AVG Anti virus and McAfee virus scan Plus 2007 are also supposed to help a lot.check out for more details.
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