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60's gcse art ideas?
05-30-2014, 01:11 AM
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60's gcse art ideas?
So my project is based on the 60's and so far I've done 7 pages which include:
- two portraits of J.F.K on one page
- Man on the moon collage of different printed images/sketches/colored drawings
- One big portrait of the neil armstrong in space suit
- Martin Luther King page of sketches of him/ scroll of a text from is speach
- A flower power page of a small canvas of a flower/colored drawings of hippie van covered in flowers/a hippie in flowers/flowers themselves/ a vintage car covered in flowers and more flower colored drawings
- A 60's woman wearing vintage glasses and a really funky colored background painting
- Some first hand painted 60's accessories


So now what do i do? I feel like my whole project is a mess because my teacher said it has to be like a story and idek what thats meant to mean. I was thinking of doing barack obama because he was the first black president but idk give me your thoughts. I also am going to have to do a page on the vietnam war because it was a huge part of the sixties but i have no idea what do to for it and im going to have to move on to the inspirations like twiggy and elvis etc. but where do i put them in if that makes sense. I cant just go from the man on the moon to flower power to elvis because 'its not telling a story'. What other pages should I do to make the pages I've done so far look like a story?

So if you could pleaseeeeeeee give me a structure of what pages I should do and what I should do on them that would be a HUGE help because right now I feel like binning everything! My pages have to be A2 size and I have to complete 20 or more of them Smile

Thanks to anyone that can help, its hugely appreciated. <3


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05-30-2014, 01:12 AM
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Basically she means that there has to be development. Your pieces have to move coherently from one piece to the next, which is why asking on here probably isn't a good idea. They all have to have a link BEYOND 60's.

Look at the pieces you've done so far as a starting point. Are there any aspects of them that you particularly like? For example, the glasses or space themes or something. Then look at the work of artists in the sixties and imitate their processes (note: don't copy their work. I mean use the materials they've used, or the poses they've used, something like that) but include the elements of your work that you liked. For example, transfer the 60's woman's funky background onto different style pictures.

Also try using different media. Maybe make a print or something like that.
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05-30-2014, 01:19 AM
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pop art? you can also draw 60's comics


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05-30-2014, 01:34 AM
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Sounds like you've put a lot of heart into things so far, so don't bin them.
Your tutor's talking about a narrative (story) and how the images you've produced need to link into each other.

The one thing that strings all these things together is mass media and it's effect on the consumer.

So think about reworking what you have and presenting them in a news format. Possibly as a parody of a modern magazine with contemporary attention grabbing headlines.
(scan & photoshop) or possibly a graphics presentation.

Twiggy had a very dramatic effect on what was percieved as the perfect model which still has ramifications to this day.

Vietnam caused social dissention and civil disobediance. Music expanded to express root level feeling, in a way not experienced before, it questioned authority openly and despite censorship became popular with the generation that felt the most affected.

The last 3 by Steppenwolf were released on an extended play single.
What you could do is compare the lyric from the above contemporay songs with the images of the 60's, they present two opposing views of the same time period.

Working Elvis into the mix is abit trickier but I found this.

Another idea would be to use overlays of actetate across your images so far but with the darker images from that time period, again discuss it with your tutor. They could be full page, or partially torn, ripped or singed, or mocked up to look like old fashioned film strips going across them.

I hope this helps take away some of the confusion you feel, and you may not be into the music but the power of lyric used stays with us to this day and paved the way for modern rap.

Good luck with it.
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