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Windows 7 vs Windows 8?
05-29-2014, 08:29 PM
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Windows 7 vs Windows 8?
Hi guys,
I've used Windows 8/8.1 for 8 months and it worked 'ok' but with slight issues but I got really frustated when my phone's driver wasn't compatible with Windows 8.1 (Thank you Sony -_-)
So I got really frustated and I've used Windows 7 for 4 years on my formaly primairy and now secondary computer and I've found Windows 7 to be much more user-friendly.
It just worked, too much errors with Windows 8 and it annoys me, even Microsoft wants to bury that OS.
So now I've installed windows 7 and I'm much happier, yes I immediately missed the copying so I installed Terracopy and a task manager replacer, besides that, I've never understood why people actually liked the fact that to get basic functionality, you need to pay 5$ (wich isn't much, don't get me wrong) to a 3rd-party company.
And gaming?
People exagurated so much on this subject, I'm not having any FPS wins/losses in Windows 7.

So what is your guys' opinion?


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05-29-2014, 08:39 PM
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I have never used Windows 8 because my friend who runs a computer repair business said it was a lemon like Windows Millennium Edition so I just stick with 7.
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05-29-2014, 08:45 PM
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ive never had a single issue with windows 8 (windows 8.1 may have compatibility issues with software or drivers if they have not been made to work with it).
Ive played games and used software from like 1995 with out a single hiccup on windows 8 :/

and ive done direct comparisons win7 vs 8 and windows 8 is generally a 5-10% increase in gaming and overall system performance. (and the fact windows 8 costs the same as windows 7, its a huge upgrade in performance, since you dont have to extra pay for it).

Most things work plug and play in windows 8 which didnt on windows 7. good example is wireless xbox360 controllers. Its can be a complete nightmare for people o get them working on windows 7 (its not really that tough, as you just have to do a few steps extra, but most people find it impossible), well windows 8, plug and play.

i have yet to find a single downside to windows 8 over 7. (i did not care for metro personally, and ofcourse got a start menu replacement, startisback) but other then that, why wouldnt you use windows 8 over 7?

i have yet to upgrade to windows 8.1 though, as i didnt see anything in it worth upgrading for and didnt want to completely reinstall windows for it.

windows 8 is gets more hate then it deserves which is likely for 2 reasons.
1) The mass public is fundamentally stupid
2) people dont like change

and windows 8 has nothing to due with not supporting older hardware which doesnt support windows 8 :/
its the same for every os... if the hardware isnt specifically designed to work with that os, it wont work with that os.
So older hardware made before the os was released or used wont support it.
It works the same in reverse aswell. newer hardware tends to not work well with older operating systems just the same.

its not just computers or os that do this.
i mean if you buy an xbox one and it only has HDMI out, and your tv doesnt support hdmi, is it the fault of the console for not supporting your old tv?

EDIT: @below
the start menu wasnt removed :/
it was just "changed" in looks
its still there, and functions identical to how it did in every version of windows (obviously you have no idea what the start menu is or how it functions :/)

the thing they did was change it from a small window with a "list style" of shortcuts, to a full screen with a "tile style" of shortcuts. (its like how if you open my documents, go to view and change it from "list" to "tile"
literally the EXACT same thing.

personally i didnt like it, so i use software in which does nothing but change the UI of it.
Maybe they should have gave you more options to change how you wanted it to look rather then forcing you. but that doesnt make it a bad os :/

and thus why the mass public are morons as its always the same

"i shouldnt have to make things the way i like it or prefer it! everything should be done the way i like it without me having to do anything! because im too stupid to think or do things for myself"


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05-29-2014, 08:53 PM
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I don't like Windows 8. Its an application that designed to run on multi platforms and as a result doesn't seem to run well on any single platform. Loss of the start button was a big mistake on Microsoft's part, especially when they really didn't add anything to replace it.

Same mistakes repeated from with:
Original XP
Windows ME
Windows Vista
Internet Explorer

Microsoft never seems to learn. OSs and applications should be designed with the user in mind, not the manufacturer.
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05-29-2014, 08:57 PM
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Once I installed pokki (start button for windows 8) on my windows 8 computer and set my computer to boot straight to desktop and not metro, it was just like having windows 7 all over again. I have had no issues with windows 8 at all. I even installed on old program that ran on windows xp and it has had not issue running on windows 8.
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