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Minecraft Server Help!?
05-29-2014, 02:35 AM
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Minecraft Server Help!?
i made a minecraft server using there thing from there website. i just ran the .exe file and it was up and running. i connected and played just fine but my friend cant connect. why is that? the server is running on the same computer i have minecraft on. and i connect just fine. is it only a Lan server for playing it in the same house? if so how do i make it so he can connect to it without being at my house. we live in the same city if that helps. also if this helps. when he tries to connect it says. (failed to connect to server connection refused. please help!
ok everything else looks liek it would work and what not. but what the heck do you mean by "proper server"?????????????


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05-29-2014, 02:43 AM
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â–º Create A Proper Minecraft Server â—„ (Without Crappy Hamachi)

â–º Port Forwarding:

You Have to get the Make off the router & Model number then Google them..

Example: Netgear Wgr5643 minecraft port forwarding tutorial.

You need to figure out how to:

1) Gain access to the Router's Configuration By entering the Router IP..
Into Your Web Browser's Address Bar, Then you need to Login Using..
The Username & Password That should be on the Bottom of the Router.

2) Locate Your Internal IP Address As thats the IP You Use To Port Forward.

3) Port Forward To Ports:
Starting port: 25565
Ending port: 25565

4) Give the IP Found here to Anyone you want to Join ->
( You Connect Using.. LocalHost - If on same Computer )

â–º Add Firewall Exceptions:

A Firewall exception is allowing an application past your Computer's Firewall.

There is a Built in Windows Firewall but alot of anti-viruses have their own.
Windows Firewall Tutorial ->

If You dont use Windows Firewall You need to figure out how to add a exception..
For which ever Anti-Virus/Firewall you do have. Some Good ones below:
Kaspersky ->
Norton ->

You need to add Firewall Exceptions for These three application's.

1) Javaw.exe (Location: C:\Program Files (86)\Java\JRE6\bin)
2) Minecraft.exe (Game Executable - Location: Wherever you put it)
2) Minecraft_Server.exe (Server Executable - Location: Wherever you put it)

Hope it helps Smile
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